Nearly half of employed Americans work under vaccine mandates or want one, recent polling shows

About three in 10 American workers say their employers already require them to be vaccinated against Covid-19, according to recent polling, and nearly two in 10 more say they would like their employer to put in place such a mandate.

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll conducted in November found that 29% of employed Americans said their employer required them to get a Covid-19 vaccine, 69% said their employer did not require that. Another 18% of workers said they wanted their employer to require them, meaning about half overall, 47%, either work under a mandate or would prefer to have one in place.

Those who work for the types of larger companies which would be affected by the Biden administration’s proposed mandate were more likely to say their employer already required vaccines, with 36% among those who work for companies with 100 employees or more saying so.

Another 17% work at such a company without a current vaccine requirement and said they would prefer one, while 41% who work for companies of that size said their company did not put in place a vaccine mandate and they do not want one.

Overall, a majority of all Americans favor requiring vaccination in order to go to work. In the KFF poll from November, 52% said they supported a federal government requirement for vaccines or weekly testing among larger employees, down slightly from 57% who backed that in October.

A CNN poll conducted in early December, shortly after the emergence of the omicron variant, found higher support for a government mandate for larger business, 60% said they supported one that required vaccination or weekly testing for employees of businesses with 100 employees or more.

A CBS News poll also conducted in early December, found 53% in favor of requiring proof of vaccination to go to a workplace, without specifying whether that requirement came from the government or from employers.


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