Canada wins first-ever gold in women’s football

USA's Allyson Felix reacts after winning the bronze medal in the 400m on August 6.
USA’s Allyson Felix reacts after winning the bronze medal in the 400m on August 6. (Matthias Hangst/Getty Images)

After winning bronze in the 400 meter race and becoming the most decorated female track and field Olympian of all time, Allyson Felix is reflecting on her journey to Tokyo – through motherhood and a pandemic.

Felix, who is 35-years-old, said that winning a medal as a mother was something she felt like she could accomplish.

“I feel like I have come a long way from all the other Games. This one is just different,” she said. “Sometimes, it sounds like a cliche, but it honestly is more than just me running out there.”

Felix said that she is “not too wrapped up in winning more medals” but was just focused on coming back to the Games to compete.

“Earlier today, I looked through some of the videos again of things that we had taped when I was in hospital with ‘Cammie’ (her daughter Camryn), and on the comeback trail – those really, really hard moments – and that’s what I tried to tap into,” she said.

Being an older athlete, Felix said she was trying to be more vulnerable and transparent during this Olympics. She said that is something that is not shown as much, particularly with older athletes, so she wanted to share some of her own struggles.

“I think, a lot of times, I tied my work to what happens at these championships and I didn’t want to do that this time around,” Felix said. “Obviously, I always run for gold but I just wanted to have joy no matter what happened tonight.”


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