Afghanistan latest news as Taliban advances: Live updates

Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani made a short speech to the nation, in which he said he was putting all his focus on avoiding further instability as the Taliban makes rapid advances and circles in on the capital, Kabul.

The future of his Ghani’s government has come under doubt as the Taliban has seized control of major cities, including Kandahar and Herat.

Here’s his speech in full:  

“In the name of Allah, 

Brothers and sisters, Salam.

Our country Afghanistan is facing serious threats of instability. I am fully aware of the situation in the country.

I offer condolences to the families of fallen soldiers and civilians and wish quick recovery to the wounded ones.  

We endeavor to reach all displaced people in the best way possible.

I praise the Afghan National Defense and Security Force (ANDSF) for their bravery and efforts for defending nations and also the nation for supporting their forces.

At the current situation our priority is coordination of ANDSF and this endeavor. We are taking serious steps.

I am aware of your concerns about your present and future, I would like to assure you that as your president all my focus is to avoid further instability, aggression and displacement.

As a historic responsibility, I will endeavor not to allow the current war to further kill innocent people and to lose their 20-year gains and destroy public property.

For these reasons I have initiated consultations with elders and political figures and different ethnic leaders and international partners. Consultations are under way and the outcome will be shared with you all very soon.

I always wanted success and progress of Afghanistan and will continue my endeavors.

Long live Afghanistan.” 


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